Hello - thanks for stopping by!

My name is Laura. I am a 23 year old from Scotland, living my life in the beautiful capital of Edinburgh. I have recently finished both my undergraduate law degree and now my Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. In my spare time I like cooking, eating the things I cook (anything garlic or olive related is my jam), socialising with friends over a gin or three, exploring new places and wandering the internet. I am a massive fan of baths, cups of earl grey tea, candles that smell like men and fairy lights. Cosy places are my favourite.

I think that life is far better lived shared and people are the most interesting thing in the world. I am a professional people watcher. I absolutely love seeing people's quirks and wondering why someone thinks, does or says something. Blogging is a way to find out about someone else's life and thoughts no matter where they are in the world. For me it's about finding like minded people who I would never have known of otherwise and enjoying their content.

I created this space one day in October 2015 after years of reading blogs myself, creating websites on Piczo, Live Journal and Xanga and becoming a YouTube addict. This blog is just a collection of thoughts I have, things I like and things I do although I'm the first to admit I can be a bit inconsistent with it (I think that's allowed when it's simply a hobby). I want to create a little place that I can be proud of and that I made myself. Somewhere I can pour my creativity into to. As well as personal posts you'll also find the indulgence of my foodie thoughts and recipes, reviews of places I go things I find helpful (and I think you might to!) and quite a lot of rambling. I want this space to evolve as my life changes around me so now that I'm going into my first girl job you might find some more career and inspiration type content here creeping its way in.

I'd love if you'd take this wee journey with me!

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Chat soon!