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Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm publishing this now as today is the last day ever I can actually call myself a law student. Later today I will be graduating from the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice before entering the big bad world of full time work in August (with a little bit of fun in the sun in Indonesia and Malaysia in between of course). Prior to this however I’ve spent the last five years as a fully-fledged law student and throughout this line of study there is a lot of discussion about careers.
In a recent post on her blog, ‘The Full Agenda’, Beth Gladstone remarked that 2015 was the year of the 'multi-career'. She pointed out that it is now rare to come across a Twitter bio (because you know where else would you look for info about someone's job in 2016) with one term to describe that person. We are no longer 'just' accountants or lawyers or zoo-keepers but usually describe ourselves as one, two or maybe even three different labels. My own obnoxious bio labels me as a 'Scottish blogger, law graduate, fairy light fanatic and Editor of Her Campus Aberdeen' - all of which are true . I do truthfully wear all of those hats and I do truthfully have my eggs in a few baskets (if mostly in the one I've studied five years for). Has it become normal now to have not only a ‘multi-interest’ but even a ‘multi-career’?
The combination of blogger and law student can admittedly seem like a bit of a weird one. Blogging tends to be associated with more creative-focused areas such as fashion, art or journalism or with careers such as stylists, make-up artists or those in social media marketing.  Law on the other hand is often viewed as a bit of a stuffy, boring degree, and those who study it are often assumed to be people who enjoy nothing more than having their head in the books. And from the gal who chose to study it for five years I'm not afraid to admit that. So combining that path of study with such a creative hobby can kinda seem a bit of an odd one; a chalk and cheese shall we say. 

However, I've always been a creative person (studying art & design and graphic communication at school) and until I created this blog that creative side to me I guess had fallen by the way side a little. Law can get all consuming and it is good to have an outlet to do something completely different. Blogging allows me that escape from formal and very structured writing and the chance to use other skills such as a little amount of coding and photography as well as thinking outside the box; skills which I hope will be transferable at some point in my career. Although perhaps knowing how to take a good flat-lay isn't quite the skill my future employers will be after. Being a blogger/law student is also not that rare a 'slashie'. I have come across some other (much more successful and consistent) blogger/law student types such as Hannah and Amy - who do a bloody good job at multi-tasking their busy blog loves with busy law lives so it’s obviously a combination that comes naturally to others as well as myself.
Additionally, very few people nowadays are 'just a lawyer' or ‘just a salesperson', everyone has that bit on the side (ooh naughty). I think this is now down to accessibility due to the internet but also a sense of empowerment - that you can do more than one thing well at once. Technically at the moment I am a blogger/law student/gin waitress. I like having that 'and'. I like having more than one string to my bow and my eggs in a couple of baskets. I like keeping my options open and I hope that (should it ever be a possibility) having a side interest will allow me to not get bored of the day job as I still maintain the outlet of creative release. I've also found in my experience of job applications that employers almost expect you to be more these days. In law anyway, they expect you to have the degree, they expect you to have the 2:1 and they expect you to have relevant work experience.  It's what is on top of those requirements that they're looking for. They're looking for that extra-curricular; that little spark that makes you stand out for the rest. Perhaps they're looking for your 'slash'.

Being part of 'generation slashie' as Elle UK coined Karlie Kloss the queen of, in my eyes anyway, is an exciting development. It is not a diversification which will result in less experts in one field but in fact people who can thrive in their career because they are also satisfied outside it. It allows those who enjoy a hobby to thrive at it whilst also staying financially afloat because of their 'slashie' day job. You don't just have to be one thing. I believe you can wear two hats and look just as good wearing one as you do the other. 

What do you think about having a 'slash'?

Chat soon!

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  1. Hi Laura! Really enjoyed this post. This completely describes me as well - I'm a law with French student/blogger! I think I like the combination of the two myself, even if they are completely different. Here's to hoping that future employers will want their files in a flat lay one day! Good luck & enjoy your holidays over the summer (so jelly!) Gweni xxxx


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