On Inspiration and Finding Time

Saturday, October 31, 2015

As you'll have noticed I've been really struggling to find time to blog. The Legal Practice Diploma is very full on and multiple deadlines and classes a week leaves me feeling anxious if my evenings aren't spent getting through my mighty to-do list. I know y'all get me on this. As some of you will know I'm also the President and Campus Correspondent of a society here at my University, the Aberdeen Chapter of Her Campus Magazine. So any free time I have from Diploma bits and bobs is spent writing articles, attending and chairing meetings, sending emails, attending socials, completing weekly reports, planning, scheduling and uploading content over on our magazine's website. When all that is done I'm just tired and un-enthusiastic which does not make for an ideal blogging mindset.  I also realised I've cut back on the vast majority of things I enjoyed. I used to enjoy going to yoga and zumba at my local gym. I used to enjoy sitting back and reading blogs. I used to enjoy planning and writing blogs and then nattering away on Twitter chats but at the moment I'm just not finding the time to do so. I'd become stuck in everyday life with very little outlet.

Some of you will have seen that the start of this month was my blogging birthday. Woop woop! One year down the line and my blog has changed so much; from the type of content I produce to the overall look and feel of my blog. However, reflecting on my blog now I think I set the bar too high and got too involved in the 'what bloggers should be writing about' and all the marketing and SEO and views type jargon. I started to think of it as a process. Post a blog on something popular, share three times on Twitter with certain hashtags, post on Instagram once a day, engage with people on Twitter etc etc. It flooded my head and made me lose what I actually liked blogging about. I pretty much lost my focus and was just going through the motions which is so far away from what I believe blogging should be about. When it came to my blogging birthday - I obviously wanted to write a post about it. I wanted to celebrate how far I'd come and how I'd stuck out this little hobby. But I almost felt it had been too long, I'd been so inconsistent with my commitment to my blog that I didn't really feel I could sit down and be like 'yey my blog's still here going strong one year later'. Because I'd be lying. It's still here but it's just waiting for me. Waiting for me to bounce back and fill its pages because one day I will. I have no doubts about that. I just don't want to fill it with half-hearted content and things I feel I have to write about. I wanted to wait until the post was really worth posting.

So I set about finding inspiration. Inspiration for the type of blogger I wanted to be and the type of things I wanted to write about. Inspiration to make me excited again. In the time I've been considering this I've come across three blogs which made me excited about blogging again and set off that wee spark. These blogs didn't make me feel like the blog mountain was a huge thing that I had to climb from the bottom again. One of these was Katie @ Scarphelia. She writes so eloquently and her blog is so fresh to me as she is primarily a writer rather than a blogger. She made me think and consider and I'd love if people did that with my posts rather than be like 'Oh there's another MAC review'. I also write and edit articles for Her Campus and have always loved creative writing since I was little. I also use the written word daily in my studies. For some reason I always saw blogging and writing as very different skills (silly I know) so I considered; perhaps I could begin to marry the two? Betty @ Forever Yours Betty is a little bit more like the bloggers I know and love but she oozes confidence and uniqueness. She has a unique take on common topics and also lives in my home country. I can't really pin point why she made me excited about blogging again but her content just makes me happy and I'd love to emulate the same reaction in even just one person. Both bloggers don't post everyday and they don't stick to the norm. Sometimes they just post because they want to - and that's how I want to strip my blogging back to being. 

I have to set manageable goals. Like putting my degree and my commitments to Her Campus first and only blogging when I have time and something quality to say. Or even just something that I really want to say or a picture I really want to show you. Not because I feel like I haven't posted in a while and my views are going down. I have to strip my content back to things I know about as a student, law graduate and lover of lists, organisation, cooking, artsy stuff, people and all things cosy. These are what I can write passionately about and these are the things that I could easily sit down for half an hour in a hectic day and blog about - because I know these things.

So what I'm trying to say is not very much really. I'm still here trundling away in the background and I'm struggling to juggle everything in my life. I miss having these creative outlets and I think by just writing about what I want to and what I know it will allow me time to pour into these creative outlets. I need to get back to being me and perhaps this is the way to it.

Thank you for being so patient and especially if you read this very lengthy ramble. But sometimes its good to get things off your chest, share them and get them sorted out in writing, and that's really what blogging is about isn't it?

Chat soon!

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