I've graduated!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

So first of all apologies for being M.I.A. for a week or two, but taking my own advice, I know you guys wouldn't mind as sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. But this time it was no negative thing blocking me it was a whole heap of exciting things that had me running around like a puppy and kept me well away from my computer. 

Last week I graduated with a first class honours degree in Law. EEK. I still can't believe it and actually writing those words feels all a bit weird. The day was the most magical day and it was quite emotional to be looking around at all my friends and family who'd been there the whole way through. It was a really proud day for all my family as well as my whole class as undeniably in the law degree there are times where you just think you won't quite make it. It's tough. In first year I embarrassingly failed two exams. It's something I'm definitely not proud of and one of the things in life I'm most disappointed in myself about. Because of this I never thought I'd come out with a good mark in my degree, far less come out with a first. So anyone who's struggling with law or whatever degree YOU CAN STILL DO IT. No matter if you make any little mistakes along the way you can bring it back. 

The day was literally a whirlwind. There were many hilarious photos taken, lots of champagne scoffed back, mortar boards chucked into the air, weird Latin words said, yummy steaks eaten and then a whole lot of hilarious dancing in the after party. It was a wonderful day that went too quickly and I'm so sad to see all my friends from law who aren't doing the diploma or are in different degrees all go off into the big wide world now.

Adios mon amigos, you've made university the best 4 years I've ever had. 

P.s. my lovely shoes are from Missguided!
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