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Thursday, May 21, 2015

When we're so busy during the week with work, studying, family we often forget to make the most of our weekends. At the moment I'm trying to make a conscious effort to not while away my whole weekend on the internet (le strug) but to go out and see some of the local places around me! Luckily enough I live beside a really beautiful park (though it does have some unsavoury stories circulating about it's safety at night time haha - but we'll forget that just now) and I love to go for runs there, go and feed the ducks or just walk beside the river. A few months ago I happened upon a secret garden at the top end of the park that having lived next to it for four years I'd never discovered! It has beautiful tall iron gates and is filled with so many little nooks and crannies and little benches that it always feels like your own secret little space. Do you remember the film about the Secret Garden? It was one of my favourites as a kid (as well as A Fairy Tale) and I like to pretend that I'm in that when I'm wandering around this garden. Is that sad? Probably.

Fat Face recently challenged me to create a lookbook incorporating a couple of pieces from their lovely summer collection and I thought that my little secret garden would be the perfect weekend hideaway to show them off in. Fat Face has always been one of my Mum's favourites and I was a little hesitant that perhaps there wouldn't be many pieces for me! But their summer collection is so versatile and there really is something for everyone and everything is incredibly wearable. On the weekends (and during the week as a student lets be honest) I like to dress pretty comfortably. I'd love to be one of these people who can pull together a really daring outfit that somehow looks effortlessly thrown together but alas I'm more of a casual and comfy kinda gal. So I decided to go for a look that was summery and transitional but was easy to wear and the perfect outfit for wandering around in. I love a good wander.

Cardigan: c/o Fat Face
Floral pepulm: c/o Fat Face
High waisted jeans: Primark
Leather Boots: Clarks (Similar here)
Watch: Olivia Burton (Similar here)

Firstly I chose this loose fitting floral peplum. It's so lightweight that it's perfect for those temperamental Scottish days where you don't know what the weather is doing. It has a lovely pretty pattern and nips in nicely at the waist at the back to give some shape and also has a neat little button up back. It's very easy to wear and incredibly comfortable. I decided to go for a bit of a blue theme and paired it with my absolute favourite Primark high-waisted jeans. These were only £10 and are a deadringer for the Topshop Joni jeans. They are incredibly soft and again very easy to wear when you want that laid-back but pretty weekend look. The peplum top also looks great either tucked in or let loosey goosey.

For when the inevitable Scottish clouds descend I chose this pale blue cotton and linen cardigan from Fat Face. The arms are a really flattering length (and show off my pride and joy Olivia  Burton watch) and as it is made of natural materials it is very breathable whilst also cosy if you need it to be. It also has deep pockets which is a real winner for me - I wish more girl's clothes had pockets!!

I finished off the look with my absolute favourite, favourite, favourite shoes - my Clarks lace up leather boots. No matter the season I will always be wearing these. They are actually my favourite boots 2.0 - the old ones which I featured in my first ever style post here have died of death. All of the broken hearts. I also went for a wee plaited hair-do as I got seriously inspired by Amber Fillerup the other day and her blog and all things plaits. It's also great for going for a walk when it's slightly windy as it keeps your hair out your face!

All in all it was a really comfy and versatile outfit - perfect for weekend walks and exploring when the weathers that little bit warmer but still a bit changeable. I also think you could dress this up for an evening barbeque by taking off the cardi and pairing it with some high-heeled brown sandals. So many options! Both the peplum and the cardi are incredibly good quality, something you can expect from Fat Face and therefore more than worth the little pricier price tag as they hopefully will be making an appearance in my spring/summer wardrobe for weekend adventures for a few years to come!

You can check out the rest of Fat Face's summer collection here! And as always photos courtesy of the talented Jonty Barron who's blog you can peruse over here.

What are your favourite at home weekend adventures? 
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  1. I love finding secret places like that in parks, they are always really quiet as well, it's like no one knows they are there! These photos are beautiful!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Hi Alice! Thank you so much for your comment! Yes it's so lovely finding secret little places - perfect to just sit and think!

  2. Your hair looks so lovely with the braid in! Fab post :)

    Jessica | jessicagracemcguire.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much :) It took a couple of go's haha - here is the tutorial I followed if you fancy giving it a wee go yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5enRMrFOgT4

  3. Ooh that cardigan is lovely, great styling! My friend introduced me to Fat Face a few years ago and I love to have a wander in there, so many pretty prints! :)

    1. Hey Elise! Thank you so much! It's lovely isn't it?! Yes it's such a lovely shop!

  4. I really like this casual look, would totally go for something like this!

    1. Hi Ella! Thanks for your comment - glad you liked the look! It's so easy to just throw on!


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