A little catch up - I'm finished exams!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's kinda weird when you finally finish something and have free time on your hands. Like the first morning I didn't have to get up super early and head to the library I didn't really know what to do with myself. It was an odd feeling, almost a guilty one like I felt I was neglecting the to do list child I'd become so attached to! Anyway, exams are over eioahgaosjfd. YES. Can't quite believe that my final ever law exams have finished and I'm very almost a law graduate. In a months time I will walk out of university after 4 years and have a law degree and it's crazy (well fingers crossed my results are decent!).

So it's been a while. My blogging hasn't been all that consistent because in the last six months I've had coursework, exams and my dissertation all due and I mean, life in the library ain't all that interesting to blog about haha. They are lame excuses and I know people can do it but for me I just needed to pour all my energy into one thing so things were a little quiet around here. So I've grabbed my cuppa tea and here's a wee catch up from you to me.

My undergraduate degree is now DONE, FINISHED, FINITO. I had two honours exams - one on delictual liability - sounds positively thrilling doesn't it - which is basically personal injury law. Or as my Dad calls it, ambulance chasing. Hilarious. My other exam was on employment law. In the next few weeks my results will trickle in and we'll find out our degree classes ahhhhhh. I'm pretty much on the cusp between two different degree classes but I'll be absolutely delighted with either. University was such a jump from school that it's amazing to even be like YES, I've done it - no matter what the number on your certificate. Law wise I start my postgraduate diploma in legal practice this September. It is a year long course which is compulsory for anyone who wants to qualify as a solicitor in Scotland. So I'm not quite finished my university journey yet...

But before heading back to university I have a really exciting wee month lined up. Next weekend is Jonty's 22nd birthday and it will be his first birthday where he hasn't had exams since he was 16 so we're planning on making a weekend of it! Not going to lie I'm pretty proud of his present but I am awful at keeping secrets when I think I've got a great idea so he's lucky I haven't spilled the beans yet!

Then the week after I'm heading off to a Nordic Kata to have a couple of nights away with my best friends from school. We've now been friends since primary school which is a heck of a long time and nothing ever changes when we're apart so it's so good to regroup and drink wine and chat until the wee hours every summer. 

Next on my tour of Scotland I'm heading off to a cottage with all my lovely university gals for a whole week of relaxation in a hot tub. What more can you ask for?! After that I'm hoping to sneak in a cheeky wee break to Barcelona before having a whole week of fun on graduation week before starting my new summer job in a bar/restaurant the week after. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

Blog wise - I have lots of exciting post ideas which are filling up my phone notes and a very exciting blog post collaboration which is in the works. I'm hoping to get a bit more structured with things around here and have set myself a few blog related goals which I hope to stick to now I have a whole summer to dedicate to it. I really love the whole creative side of blogging and the social media side so it will be nice to properly immerse myself in it now.

Anyway thanks for sticking with me y'all. It's been pretty hard to juggle everything. I really admire people like Hannah (who wrote a super duper post about how she does it here) and Amy who manage to keep up their fast growing blogs with their law degrees. Gals, I salute you. You multi-tasking magicians. Soz I let the side down.

I hope you're excited for what's to come! IT'S SUMMER TIME!

What have you all been up to?? What are your summer plans? Let me know! P.s. do any of you do law - would love to chat!
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