Why I loathe using Hermes Delivery

Monday, February 02, 2015

Hands up if you've ever had bad service from Hermes Delivery? Yep I thought so... pretty much everyone I've ever spoken to. Some people get road rage or even computer rage; I get Hermes Delivery rage. Not once have I had a parcel delivered to me by Hermes without a problem. And what annoys me more... it's almost impossible to find out how to contact or complain to them. Phew. Breathe.

A few of my main gripes with Hermes:

1. They leave my parcels in 'unsafe' places - I have found my parcel thrown over a fence, thrown onto a balcony, sitting in a bush, sitting outside the front door, on my door step and lying in my block of flats hallway. Anyone could pick them up! You name it, I've probably found my parcel there!

2. They never leave a calling card - not once have I received a calling card telling me where they've left my package, cue the game of hunt the parcel

3. The number of times I have been in my house and the courier hasn't rung the doorbell - because I just sit in my house all day waiting for the good of my own health

4. They don't have an easy complaints procedure - no wonder they don't have a Twitter account, imagine that notifications feed... (UPDATE: Just been notified that they have a Twitter account @myhermes - those poor souls who run that!)

5. They are patronising. Enough said.

6. They put me off buying products from retailers that use their courier service, despite them having great customer service themselves.

7. They deliver parcels to the COMPLETELY WRONG address. I recently got a parcel delivered to my house for a person who lived 10 minutes away with a completely different name and address. Good one.

I totally understand that under consumer law my contract is with the retailer and not the courier service but gad, it ain't them who's left my parcel hanging from a tree in the rain! Okay, I'm exaggerating now but wow, can you see how much it riles me?

Luckily in this situation, the retailer themselves have been fantastic both in communication and with sending a replacement item out but I hate going through this anger every single time I order from a retailer that ill-advisedly uses Hermes.

Give me Yodel anyday.

*Rant now over, I promise.*

Have you ever had trouble with Hermes or another courier company?
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  1. My packages are just about always left outside the door of my condo, where just about anyone could come grab them. Luckily this hasn't happened yet. But it sucks when they leave a paper package outside in poor weather!

    1. I know its so annoying right! Hope it doesn't keep happening to you!

  2. I couldn't agree more! A few months ago I was expecting a parcel so stayed in the house the whole day, to find in the evening a blank call card. So they basically hadn't rung the doorbell and didn't leave me a number or anything, and then the same thing happened the next day! As you said, the complaints procedure is a nightmare, so I basically had to reorder the items, I was not impressed! I now try to avoid Hermes at all costs. I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, here's the link: http://www.hanniemc.co.uk/2015/02/one-lovely-blog-award.html
    Have a great day :)
    Hannah x

    1. Yes the exact same happens to me!! So infuriating!! Hope you got all your items. Thank you so much, thats so lovely of you. Will do my post soon x


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