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Saturday, January 03, 2015

That title sounds pretty grand doesn't it? Sounds like I'm being super philosophical and a little bit full of myself not going to lie. But then again I would actually be lying if I didn't recognise the significance of the year that has just passed. I actually didn't sit down to think about all the things that have happened until I began collating photos for this post. I know I'm a little late to the party since it's already the third day of 2015, but I think the last year is too important not to mark and I don't want to forget all the big (and tiny) things that happened over the last twelve months. I also think a round-up is a really great thing to include on your blog even if its just me who reads it in the months and years to come. And for those of you as nosy as me... here's a little sneak peek into my last year and perhaps you'll come out of this knowing me that little bit better!

P.s. sorry its such a long post!

JANUARY was the month of...friends and the first set of exams of 2014

These are my flatmates Emily and Hannah and they're pretty darn important people in my life. I met them on my first day living in halls when I was uber shy and I have lived with them ever since. 2014 is also a pretty mixed emotion year for us as its the last full year we'll live together before we go our different directions (CRY). So January included lots of friend time both at home and at uni, summer placement deadlines, an exciting (and blooming scary) job interview and the dreaded post-Christmas exams. Hence the lack of other photos...

FEBRUARY was the month of... skiing, law balling and Her Campus Aberdeen

In February I was lucky enough to go on my last ever ski holiday with my family (I'm too old for family holidays now apparently?!). We went to the trois vallees in France (where we go every year) and had the most beautiful week. Skiing is my favourite.

Then came another favourite event of mine - the Law Ball. I have attended this event every year and I absolutely love it. It gives you a chance to dress up fancy and have a classy night (with a lot of not so classy wine) with all your classmates. You can see I was very happy getting my caricature done up there haha! Jonty was also piping this year so I was pretty proud to see him piping in the top table. (I'm hurting myself with cringe).

February was also the launch of Her Campus Aberdeen! Those of you from HCBN will have heard of Her Campus but for those who haven't it is a all female run online magazine - think of it as your local Cosmopolitan. I am the secretary and a writer in the magazine so its been brilliant to see it growing from the start and I've truly met some of the best friends from doing HC.

MARCH was the month of my 21st!

March was the month I turned 21! I can't believe it rolled around this fast. I had a wonderful birthday  filled with cocktails and canapes and dancing and caterpillar cake with all my family and friends coming up from home. I'm a lucky gal. March is also all the rest of my families birthdays so we were all birthdayed out by the 31st!

APRIL was the month of...ordinary life

After the exciting month in March, April was pretty uneventful and nothing much happened. I was doing a lot of uni work and had a couple of trips home to see family but hey I'm not complaining, not every month can be exciting, I'm getting old now.

MAY was the month of...exams and more birthdays!

May was the month we discovered the secret garden. Yep, I pretend its my little secret hiding place that no one's ever found and its definitely not right off a very popular public park. In May I enjoyed sitting in the sun in here with my iPod pretending to study.

May was also the month of Jonty's 21st birthday (right in the middle of exams sadface) and so I made him this almond brownie tower with chocolate fudge sauce, raspberries and white chocolate '21s'. YUMMY.

JUNE was the month summer internship and Color Me Rad

This year my little sister finished high school and had her leaver's dance. How she is old enough to have left school I will never know but look how pretty she looks in this photo!

In June I also started my dream legal internship which I found very challenging at first but ended up absolutely loving. I also completed my first ever 5K run with one of my best friends Rhona! Since I left school I have struggled to keep up my fitness but I was so proud of myself for completing the 5K without stopping and I'm going to try and do this again this year, if not better. I just need to focus on my commitment and staying power. I'm so bad for giving up at the gym!

JULY was the month of... working and a trip to Stonehaven

July was a month of very long hours and hard work. Jonty and I were also living and working in different cities so we took little trips at one of the weekends to see each other and had the best icecream in the whole world at Aunty Betty's Icecream Parlour!

AUGUST was the month of... our race night and a very exciting job offer

As part of our summer internship we did a lot of charity work. The culmination of that work was a race night we held at our office in which we raised money for a local children's charity! We ended up raising over £2,000 over the whole internship! These are some of the girls who I did my internship with, the fondly named 'Wednesday Wine Club'. So much love for these ladies and I couldn't have wished a better set of colleagues!

Finally in August the internship was over which was really sad as I'd loved it but also a welcome break! I also found out I'd got the job for 2016 so we celebrated with Champagne! I never thought for a million years I'd be able to secure a graduate job so early on so I have to say I was over the moon and still am. The whole placement taught me so much and I really think I grew up and became a proper adult over those few months!

SEPTEMBER was the month of a holiday to Crete and going back to university

How on earth could I top August huh? By going on holiday of course! This was Jonty and I's second holiday together. Last year we went away to Amsterdam and in August we went to Rethymno in Crete. We loved the fact that we could do a mixture of beach and sightseeing days so it was the perfect relaxing holiday for us - though very very hot for the palest people in Greece! These are our disposable camera shots - I know they are pretty old fashioned now and super expensive but I think they look like they have a permanent Instagram filter on them and I just love them!

Jonty's also a keen photographer so we also took plenty of shots for his blog which you can find here.

Finally in September I headed back to uni and we officially launched Her Campus as a society at the uni. It had been operating as a magazine since February but with society status it meant we could easily recruit freshers at the freshers fair. I've really learnt to love a bit of pink!

OCTOBER was the month of this blog and our anniversary!

The 4th October was when I launched this blog and quite honestly I never thought anyone would read it! I'm still a very small fish in a big pond but its lovely to have people comment on my posts and follow me on Bloglovin (I've now reached 79 followers!). I started the blog as I've been a blog reader for years and years and finally felt I had read enough about blogging to start my own. I'm also a very creative person and wanted an outlet and a way to meet new people! Basically I needed a new hobby! I feel like my blog has come on leaps and bounds and I really appreciate everyone's support. Where could it be this time next year?

October was also Jonty and I's two year anniversary (although technically we were dating 6 months before that date!). He surprised me afternoon tea and a kite to fly on the beach, and its always the little things that make me smile the most. I'm not one to be soppy but its pretty nifty to have your best friend as your other half. You can find more photos from that day here.

November was the month of... essays, exam prep and the St Andrew's Ball

November was again a pretty mundane month as it was filled with library days and essay deadlines. I was basically holed up in the library for the whole month! Apart from when I was let out to attend the St Andrew's ball. It was so nice to get all dressed up and go to an event with the girls I study law with, even if the ball only last an hour or two... but that's another story!

DECEMBER was the month of... our third set of exams and driving home for Christmas

My university was cruel this year and due to the semester changes we were inflicted with three sets of exams in one year! December saw the last of these exams. I have to admit it was such a struggle to keep revising and spending 10 hours in the library every day but hopefully it'll all be worth it (I find out my results this month ahhh) and it meant I didn't have to revise over Christmas! I then finally managed to come home for Christmas and December has been filled with lots of eating and drinking and seeing friends and families. This photo was taken on a wintery December walk and you can see more pictures like this on my instagram here!

So that's it! 2014 is over. I don't know about you but I still struggled saying 2014 rather than 2013 and now its changed again. Maybe the years go faster as you get older! 2014 has been hardwork but an amazing year and I think 2015 will struggle to top it. Who knows what will happen eh?

What were your favourite memories of 2014? I hope you all had a fantastic New Year!
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  1. Oh I love round up posts (yes, I'm nosy too!) It sounds like you've had an amazing year and I'm sure this year will be even better as you continue to grow! Congratulations on everything you've achieved so far.

    Also, I love your hair!

    Holly xx |

    1. Yey I'm glad you love them! Ah thank you so much, your comment means so much. Can't wait to see what this year has in store! And thank you - it desperately needs cut actually but I'm struggling to bite the bullet!

  2. It's never too late for a round up post ^.^
    It looks like you've had a pretty exciting and jam packed year :)
    The light in the bottom photo is beautiful ^.^
    Well done for coming such a long way so quickly :) Sarah xo

    1. Ooh goof I'm glad I'm not too late! Yes it's been brilliant. Thank you so much, had the expert eye of a little photo taking helper! Thank you, its down to people like you who help! x

  3. What a lovely look back at everything you've managed to cram into a year! And so many great photos too :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you! I don't think every year is going to be like this one haha, but its great to have it all here to remember because I've never managed to keep up a written diary! x

  4. I really love those sunset photographs. Great round up posts x

    1. Thank you! My boyfriend says its the 'golden hour' - makes my amateur photos come out quite pretty! x

  5. What a lovely year you've had! I found your blog today on Facebook and am in love. Your boyfriend's photos are gorgeous as well! I'd love to hear if he has any photography tips haha, off to have a look at his blog now. I hope your 2015 is as successful as 2014 has proved for you!

    1. This was honestly the nicest comment I have ever received. Thank you so much! It means the world that someone likes my wee blog! My boyfriend says he wants to apologise in advance to you because he hasn't updated his blog in so long but he also says thank you so much for the compliments haha! Thank you so much, all the best for the New Year too! Off to follow your lovely self :)

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