7 real life lessons I've learnt from my blog survey

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Two weeks ago I created and shared an 'End of Year' Survey (It is still open here if you want to have your say!). I fully thought that no-one would fill it in. I have been lucky enough to get a good few responses and I'm so grateful to all of you who filled it in and have enabled me to target areas of my blog to improve upon! If I could give you this bunch of flowers I would! (Those of you who left your email address should find a wee thank you email in your inbox today) These small words, hints, tips, tricks and critiques have really opened up my eyes to the direction I want to take my blog in.

So I thought I'd give you a wee summary of the responses I received and the things I've learnt most from the answers you gave me.

Layout wise - most of you were very complimentary about my lovely new layout which was a premade layout found here. These layouts are very easy to install, very simple (what I like) and outrageously good value! Some of you suggested adding a little bit of colour so I am looking to add a different profile photo with a bit more colour in it and looking at a way of having a more colourful and bigger header. I also like to use quite colourful blog post images so I hope that balances out the black and white a little. However, if you know me personally everything I wear and love is usually monochrome so I feel like my layout channels that quite well so I might not add too much colour. I don't want it to look boring though! I also might add a 'featured posts' section. You also suggested adding more to my 'About Me' page and adding a 'Pin It' button so these are things also on my to-do list!

Traffic wise - it seemed you all found my blog mostly through Bloglovin' and Twitter so I think I'm going to continue pushing those channels. You also said that your favourite ways to follow blogs and bloggers on social media were Bloglovin', Instagram and Twitter so I am going to push my Instagram too. (Although I don't have that coveted white surface that every bloggers seems to have haha!)

Content wise - These suggestions were perhaps most helpful! You all told me that your favourite posts to read were normally on style, beauty, lifestyle and blogging so I will concentrate on those areas in my future content (although I still want to include a good variety and I don't claim to be a fashion blogger at all!). You all asked for more personal lifestyle posts and posts like Q&A's in order to get to know me better. I totally get this feedback as I like blogs when I feel like I can connect with the blogger so I understand how my blog is lacking in this area! Be prepared for some blog posts which I hope will enable you to get to know me better!

Other recommendations included posting about 3 times a week. I think this is a totally realistic schedule (at this time anyway). It will obviously depend on whats going on with work/Her Campus/university but this is now going to be my weekly target! Recently I have been meeting it so I aim to carry this on! You also noted that not all my photos are the same size and width as the post. I totally agree with this but its currently a work in progress. I never did this when I had my old layout so its quite time-consuming to go through all my old posts, delete the photos, resize the photos and then reupload them. All future posts will have the same size/width images and gradually I will change my old posts to reflect the same!

I have loads of new ideas for posts/development of my blog this year so I can't wait to show them all! Thank you so much for the feedback, its been so inspiring, helpful and lovely to know that some of you took the time to fill the survey in! If I can do the same for you please let me know! And if you are thinking of running a small survey yourself, I would highly encourage you too. After all its so beneficial to have a fresh pair of eyes and who better to tell you what they want than your readers?
If you're not already, you can follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin'!
And if you want to have your say, the survey is still open here!

P.s. this is blog post one of two today! Aren't you a lucky bunch!

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  1. so glad you got great results from your survey! feedback is always good

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