Cup Tea Lounge, Glasgow

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chocolate? Check. Cups of tea? Check. A few hours chatting rubbish with your best friends? Check. Pretty much all the ingredients for a perfect day.

Last weekend I took a wee overnight trip to Glasgow for my friend Rhona's 21st. I absolutely love train journeys as they give you a time to ponder, have a cheeky little Boots meal deal, listen to some music and read a good book. So I toddled off and got the train through to G Town.

The 21st was fantastic (and one of the last as it'll soon be on to the twenty seconds) and we arranged to carry on the celebrations the next day in the form of brunch in one of Glasgow's lovely little eateries. As we walked around the centre there were SO MANY places I wanted to eat that I think I'm going to have to make a couple more trips through in the near future - my life is definitely led by my tummy.

We wandered into Cup Tea Lounge which I cannot tell you how much it was up our street. The decor was en pointe (other than an ugly painting opposite us.. ooh bitchy) and the lovely waiter came over and took our order. There was a humongous selection of teas (as that's the specialty obviously) and I decided to go for a Gorgeous Grey as it had recently won a taste award! It arrived in a dinky little pot for one and certainly tried to cure any hint of a hangover that threatened to rear its ugly head!

Then the most exciting bit came; the food obviously. The other girls went for brunchy options such as eggs benedict and pancakes with bacon but show me a waffle and I'm yours. I cannot resist waffles with chocolate sauce - to die for.
Was our food and drink was wolfed down we sat and chatted for a good few hours. We realised how old we are getting as the chat was no longer about who got drunk and got with who last night but about the future, jobs, houses, mortgages and who was getting married and having babies that we knew. Damn twenties, we're getting old before our time.
Before we knew it we had to rush off and get trains but I swear I could talk for hours with these girls. Can't believe we'll all be going separate ways soon!! (Don't, I'll get sad)

If you are ever in Glasgow and want to visit Cup Tea Lounge you can find their adorable little tea room on Renfield Street or find them at
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  1. nice post :)

  2. Sounds like you and your friends had an amazing time!! I'm like you...I love having a long train journey where I can surround myself with a cup of tea, a good book and I even take a blanket with me in winter if I know I have a few hours to kill! Those waffles look LUSH!!

    Dee |

    1. Yes it was so lovely thank you! Haha yes you sound exactly the same as me! Its so nice to just escape and have the world pass you by. Never thought about the blanket... I will take one next time!

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