The time that law exams stole Blogmas (& everything else!)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Firstly, a huge apology for having to pause Blogmas unannounced. This month has been my first set of my final year law exams and things got pretty tetchy in my little household over the last few weeks! I've basically holed myself up in the library between 9.30am and 8.30pm every day and when I get home I eat then collapse into bed in an exhausted heap. Damn legal exams. I was pretty sure you wouldn't want to see pictures of hundred year old books or my grumpy face so I decided to take a mini hiatus (which makes me sad since I'm still a little blogging baby and I'm a little annoyed at myself but I guess university comes first!).

However, I AM FREEEEEEE. It's officially Christmas! I got home to Edinburgh this weekend and I have to say I'm feeling very Christmassy. So here resumes business as usual and here's my little Sunday/Weekly/All-the-weeks-I've-Missed catch-up, although I promise you, the time in the library little room for fun...

Look how pretty this bike is!! I can totally dream about myself riding about on this, just hopping off, attending a lecture then cycling off for a Starbucks. Unfortunately I'm lazy and unfit but I'll just pretend this is mine anyway.

I've got to admit Scotland can be pretty beautiful at times. Aberdonian mornings like this remind me of skiing days where it is really crisp and bitterly cold but the sky is so blue and the sun warms you. I also think this is house is so cute and pretty! (Oh and there's my bike again... I kid)
Seeing this holly bush the other day really pricked me with Christmas spirit! Last year I decorated our Christmas dinner table with pieces of ivy, maybe this year I should do holly?
Now we all now about my (and many others) love for Lush, so when I came home from a long day in the library and found this lil guy sitting waiting for me with a note from my flatmate we all know how happy I felt. He made my bath smell delish and my skin ever so soft, although I can't work out whether his eyes and buttons were actually chocolate or not as when they melted they certainly looked like it! 
When exams finished this week my sister and I went for a celebratory shopping trip! Hobbycraft is one of my favourite shops as it has everything from baking supplies and home decor to the obvious art and crafty stuff. We couldn't quite work out what these bits of material were (the were called 'Fat Quarters' - help anyone?) but the colours drew me in anyway! It was one of those moments were you were thinking 'I have no idea what i'll use this for but I really want it'... Someone stop me.

And finally in some Her Campus related news (I write for Her Campus Aberdeen as well as being part of HCBN) we hit Gold Level!! I cannot tell you how happy we are about this. We set our chapter up less than a year ago now so to go from new chapter to gold chapter in that time is so exciting. I also received my HCBN postcard all the way from the states - post makes me happy.

How have your weeks been? Are you succeeding in Blogmas? Fill me in people!!!

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  1. Ahhh completely feel you on the law exams! Just finished my degree and it is so nice to have free time to do things like blogging. I admire you for being able to study and run a new blog!

    On an completely unrelated note that snowman is so cute - I thought it was an edible cookie when I first looked at it until I saw it was from Lush haha.

    I've followed you on bloglovin' :)

    Ivana @ Hope and Ramble

    1. Ah congratulations on finishing! Is it strange? Haha thank you, I'm really struggling though - need to learn to multitask better! I know, he honestly looks like a cookie but he's so cute. Thanks so much for commenting and following! I have followed back! x


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