An End of Year Blog Survey!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Photo found here and edited by me
As I am still a very little fish in a very big pond I need all the help I can get when looking to improve my blog. I have lots of exciting plans coming up for 2015 and I was wondering if I could please be so cheeky to ask for your help. In the New Year I am really committed to improving my layout, content and the way I reach all of you lovely readers so I have created a short little survey with a few quick questions about my blog which you can find embedded below (if you can't access this you can also fill in the survey here)! If you have any time at all to fill it out it would really help me so much! I really appreciate it. I also would love to say a personal thank you and get to know those of you who fill it in so there's a little space for your email address at the end if you wish to leave it!

Also please let me know if any of you have similar surveys so I can give you a wee hand too! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and here's to the New Year!
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