My Christmas Wishlist!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

This may sound odd, but I hate asking for anything for Christmas. It has just never come naturally to me to write a list (unless its to Santa!). But this year my family were really struggling, and being a student there are quite a few things I'd love but just can't afford. I also have a boyfriend who doesn't get hints, or me telling him straight to his face what I want, so maybe if he reads this he'll get a few ideas haha... you just gotta be plainly obvious!

Hendricks Gin Gift Set - £29.95 from Drinks Direct
I have taken after my Mother and now absolutely love a G&T. I also adore cucumber and could eat a whole one to myself (ahem, no  dirty jokes) so the combination makes Hendricks my top tipple!

Naked Basics 2 Palette - £22.00 from Feel Unique
It must be some sort of blogging sin to not own a Naked palette. Well here I am fessing up to my sins! I constantly borrow my flatmates Naked palettes but I'm actually lusting after the wee version so its easier for me to take places. I'm also a big fan of mattes and neutrals, its so up my street.

ASOS Bobble Hat - £12.00 (now £9.50)
My lovely sister gave me a bobble hat a few years ago and it's still going strong! But I feel I need a different coloured hat to broaden my hat horizons. This little black number with fluffy bobble is  exactly what I'm after to keep my ears warm in the Aberdeen winter!

H&M Cape Coat
Now this item on my wishlist makes me feel all the happy and sad feels! I have been dying to have this in my wardrobe since I saw it on Lucy&Lydia's video but I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere. It isn't online or in stores and I just want it so badly! If anyone else can find me a black cape coat please let me know!

Urbanears Humlan Headphones in Black - £45.00 from Urban Outfitters
I've always been one for in-ear headphones but these days when I'm listening to music in the library they just don't quite cut the mustard. I think the Plattan headphones would be too big for my head so these make a good alternative! I'm not 100% set on these but you get my drift.

I absolutely love Argento Jewellery. They have a store in Edinburgh and everytime I have an occasion or need to get a lovely piece of jewellery for a present I head in there. They have the perfect range of expensive and reasonable products so its right up my street! They also have a huge online collection. I have a beautiful set of pearl earrings and a necklace so I would love a ring to match!

Zoeva Rose Gold Make-up Brushes - £56.95 from Beauty Bay
I have such a mish-mash collection of make-up brushes its unreal. I have E.L.F., Real Techniques and Eco Tools all in my collection but I'd love them all to be pretty and matching. Of course I was going to choose the Rose Gold ones - they're just so beautiful!

Stationery is literally the best thing to buy! If that makes me sad then I'm totally sad. I also love making lists so this would be the perfect addition to my workspace.

I love reading books over Christmas! Last year I read I Heart Christmas by Lindsay Kelk and this year I'm looking forward to Giovanna Fletcher's Christmas with Billy and Me and I'd also love to read this new Cecilia Ahern book. I love a bit of Chick Lit by the fire.

I know this is perhaps not the most interesting of blogs but I'm so nosy that I love checking out what other people are after! This might help you work out what you want from your folks or might help you buy for the other ladies/bloggers/girlfriends in your life.

P.s. If all else fails, buy a scented candle.

What's on your wishlist this Christmas?
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  1. I love that hat and I quite fancy givng the book a read too, I always read more at this time of year! x

    1. Yes me too! I found a similar one actually in Primark (oops present to myself). x

  2. i love making wishlists too. Hope you get each thing listed up there :D
    Noor's Place

    1. Thank you so much, you too! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. After this, I want a cape coat for winter! I watched Lucy & Lydia's video and Gabby's as well, and now I feel the need to buy one!
    Hope you get everything for Christmas :)

    1. Haha I know, watching all these videos and reading blogs is so bad for the bank balance! You too lovely, thank you! x

  4. Damn I'm wanting some Zoeva brushes so badly they look gorgeous! Also just bought myself a 2015 diary, can't be the feeling of being organized haha.

    Catherine xx


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