Sunday Catch-up

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Eek, first off, I am sorry. The last couple of days my wee blog has been placed on the blogging backburner as I've been run off my feet with coursework due for uni. Fourth year law is HARD. So please forgive me for the two days (almost three) late post! But here's a wee catch up of things that happened last week:

Sunday is most definitely my favourite day of the week. I always use it to catch up on life admin while I'm snuggled up in my jammies with fluffy socks, a cuppa and my candles and fairy lights on even though its light outside. I like feeling cosy! It's even better if its raining! This Sunday and Monday were spent in Edinburgh so I spent time catching up with family and remembering someone special.

Why is my workspace not like this?! Image credit

Tuesday I was off back to Aberdeen... I spend my life on trains! I do love a good train journey though. This time I had the company of Jonty and our friend DT from uni so I had a good chinwag the whole way home. I even treated myself to a toasted peppered beef and emmental bagel from the food coach. Very tasty - thanks East Coast. I also spent the time getting some uni work done and staring out the window.

Wednesday was back to reality! I spent the morning doing work for a seminar then ventured in to town. This is where you'll think my day got exciting but no, there were no exciting hauls to be had as it was a trip of necessity! Emily and I toddled off to Hobbycraft to buy Halloween outfit supplies. BEST SHOP EVER. Literally think i could buy everything in there. It's so exciting. Then I bought a present for my Granny's birthday, and ventured in to Boots to buy my trusty dry hair shampoo and a new mascara (the Seventeen Falsifeye HD mascara) which I'd been seduced into buying by a blog - standard. Review coming soon! I actually really wanted to try Ruth Crilly's Co-Lab dry shampoo but made the mistake of forgetting it was only in Superdrug. Damn. That's on my list for next time as well as the Rimmel Lipstick in colour 107 after reading Faye's blog. I need to stop. Then Emily and I went and bought Starbucks. I opted for a caramel coffee frappucino with cream which is my absolute favourite as it tastes like dessert in a cup. I can only get the small one though otherwise its sugar overload!! We instantly regretted the frappes when we stepped back outside though. Winter in Aberdeen is freezing!

Image credit
Thursday was a total write off as I was ill in bed all day and I'm still feeling the effects now. I have such a bad immune system.

Most exciting day of my week! Friday was my belated two year anniversary and also Halloween. In the morning I had class then Jonty whizzed me off to Balmedie beach after giving me the cutest card and present. We took photos (my first outfit post as you can see here), flew kites, ran about in the wind, watched kite surfers and fell down sand dunes. Then we went off to the Cock & Bull which has been awarded Scottish Gastropub of the year for three years running! We had a huge afternoon tea with yummy lattes and the place is just decorated so cosy and quaint! We watched the staff there decorate for Halloween and they have sort series pumpkin (or assorted vegetable) carving skills! It really was a perfect surprise. 

Then we drove home and I got ready for my friend's birthday/Halloween party! I dressed up as a deer and followed this tutorial for my makeup and this tutorial for my outfit. Don't you just love the internet!

Saturday involved house chores, cooking, essay writing and writing my outfit of the day blogpost. This is a much more every-day day for me! Just plodding on through my to do list.

How was your week? Did you get up to anything exciting for Halloween?

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  1. Sunday is the perfect catch up/rest day. I love staying under the covers, with some tea, & Netflix. Love your deer costume. You did a great job with the makeup. :] // ☼ ☯

    1. Hey! I know totally agree with you - tea definitely makes it better! Ah thank you so much, it took a good while haha! x

  2. That workspace in the top picture actually looks incredible! I thought it was yours at first and was getting very jealous aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I know it does doesn't it! Haha sorry my bad! I wish it was!


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