Folk Cafe, Dundee

Sunday, November 16, 2014

This week's Sunday Catch-up will be a little different as I had the most deadly dull week. I was so so busy scribbling away at essays in the library that I missed out on so many fun evenings like the Filling Station #fsmoments Christmas Preview evening which I had been invited to! Very sad I couldn't go and see all the other North East Bloggers who I had met at the Lush event. Anyway, to this week! Instead of doing a daily catch-up I thought I would tell you about the most exciting day of my week which was yesterday when I toddled off to Aberdeen train station and got the train down to Dundee to visit my family.

Look how cute these little penguin statues are!
Yesterday was my lovely Granny's birthday so my parents brought them up for a day trip to Dundee since it is halfway to Aberdeen and my sister was visiting her boyfriend who lives there anyway. They met me at the station and we went for a quick browse around the shops before we met the rest of the family. I made a sneaky new lipstick purchase which I will review later in the week and we went around smelling all the new fragrances in The Body Shop and the perfumes in Zara! Have to say I never knew they did perfumes but I have my eye on a couple now for Christmas and they are so reasonably priced!

We then met up with our family and went to the Folk Café for lunch! Literally this place was so Instagram-worthy! It was decorated beautifully with white-washed walls and fairy lights everywhere. My idea of paradise.

We had our own wee area which was nice for a family gathering. I had the daily special which was stoves (which for you non-Scots is meat mixed with mash and some veg) - doesn't sound nice but is so homely! There was also a selection of homemade soups, toasties, salads and brunches. Then I had a latte and the most lovely bit of homebaking which was white chocolate and hazelnut. Nom nom nom.

The staff were absolutely lovely as well and nothing was too much hassle! We sat there for hours chatting away and it was the perfect wee unique café to do so. I couldn't recommend the place highly enough so next time you are in Dundee please go and pay a visit!

Oh and I saw my first Christmas tree of the year! (It's only November!)

How was your week? Do you have any recommendations for cafés and restaurants in Scotland?

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  1. omg the penguins are far too cute!

    1. Haha I know right! Still don't quite understand why they were there!

  2. really cute pics , make me wants to go! :)


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