Studying, Six Degrees North and a Grey Pumpkin

Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm not going to lure you in with promises of exciting events, pretty photos and a fun packed week! But hey this is a lifestyle blog and this is what I got up to this busy week... even though I'm sorry it's not that thrilling!

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Sunday and Monday
Sunday and Monday passed by filled with studying. I had an essay due for one of my honours courses this week so I was filling my days with books, writing notes and hurriedly typing out an essay! Although as I'm sure you'll all relate to, I was doing anything to waste time! Washing, tidying, cooking - you name it! Then later on Monday night I met up with all my Her Campus girlies to brainstorm our articles for this week's posts. It's so great to meet up with like minded ladies who you can bounce ideas off and have a good natter while we're at it!
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Tuesday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Wednesday I descended into ill despair again! Gone were a couple of days in a bundle of tissues and swollen glands so I was feeling right pathetic and sorry for myself. Luckily the doctor sorted me out with some antibiotics so hopefully I will be right as rain soon! I have a horrible immune system since I had glandular fever so I feel like I always get ill! A wee cheer up though when I popped into the shop to buy some paracetamol was seeing a grey pumpkin! Yeah you're hearing me right! I promise it wasn't mouldy and left over from Halloween but actually a pretty nice blue/grey colour. How trendy... I was tempted to buy him.
On Thursday I was at work but then I had a nice meal to look forward too! Jonty and I headed off to Revolution for a cheeky wee dinner date (as we're proper bargain hunters/cheapskates and had student discount cards and vouchers!). We got the sharing platter to start which is IDEAL. It has chicken in breadcrumbs, chilli con carne and tortilla chips, onion rings, chunky chips, dips and coleslaw. Definitely not healthy, definitely too much food, but entirely worth it. Then we chose the Big Jug O Love cocktail which I have to admit I was a little disappointed in. I have been a loyal Vodka Rev customer for years but this cocktail was just not up my street and was so hard to drink! Then we got burgers for our mains and were thoroughly stuffed. The girl who served us was so lovely though! So a bit of a mixed experience but I'm hoping Revs is back to its best soon!
Friday and Saturday
These were my chill days! Once my essay was in I thought I deserved a couple of days of downtime before the next essay hurdle was attempted! I just spent the days catching up on my TV guilty pleasures like TOWIE and Geordie Shore and having internet time and big deep bubble baths. I finally tried out my Zoella Fizz Bar (which smells beaut but is slightly underwhelming when in the bath!) and my Lush Dashing Santa bath bomb (both of which I showed you in this haul) which is also a very me smell and very festive! It is also really moisturising but wasn't too sure of the red bath water!
Sunday (today)
Yesterday started off in pretty good fashion with a good ol' Sunday fry-up (or slightly healthier grilled version); my favourite breakfast. Then came a really long but productive day in the library! Tonight though I rewarded myself with some friend time with some of our guy friends and Rhona at local beer connoisseur's paradise  - Six Degrees North. It has a really chilled atmosphere and we spent the night playing cards! Now I'm just chilling in bed with a portion of oven chips (bad bad bad) writing this blog post with Jonty stressing about the F1 beside me. Not a bad Sunday.

Blog-wise I was involved in my first #lbloggers chat tonight (what lovely ladies!) and can't wait to get properly involved in another one. I also have decided I'm pretty keen to do Blogmas...

Are there other Twitter chats I can get involved in? What are your favourites?
What do you think about me/anyone doing Blogmas?
Thanks for reading!

(P.S. sorry about some of the image quality!)

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  1. I love six degrees North! Lets catch up sometime if you like a peach beer ;)

  2. Yes it's great! I've only gone a couple of times and find the HUGE selection of beer quite overwhelming but I'll have to try the peach one now you've suggested it! xx


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