Shopping in Edinburgh, Ball Dresses and Birthdays

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My bad, my bad. My Sunday catch-up was non-existant this week because the whole weekend I was holed up in the library! I had my first dissertation hand-in which was so scary! So here is my belated catch-up of what went on last week.

I was home in Edinburgh for some of the weekend after I got back from Dundee so Mum and I ventured off in to town to go shopping! The Christmas lights are all already up so I honestly felt like it was mid-December!

Edinburgh really is a beautiful place to live! I don't think I appreciate it enough!

We popped in to White Stuff to get Mum some work clothes and I just absolutely love the design of the shop! I literally could wander around it all day just taking in all the little intricate details. The tree you can see here had ripped book pages attached to it and they have a charity sweetie shop behind the counter!

My favourite part however is the changing rooms! Every changing room is totally different and you go into it through a wardrobe. There is a Hawaiian themed room, a sort of old posh manor themed room and one that is just filled with teddy bears! It honestly makes the shopping experience way more exciting and individual and I think White Stuff have really excelled themselves here. Their Christmas deccies were also super cute too! If you're ever shopping in Edinburgh pop into their store on George Street, even just for a wee look! (There's also free tea, coffee and biscuits at the door).

Next we popped into the Cambridge Satchel Company's pop-up store on George Street! The girls there were so friendly and chatted to Mum and I for ages about all the different options. I totally fell in love with the Oxblood Magnetic Satchel above (although its one of the most expensive! oops!). You can also get any of the bags embossed with your initials which is such a cute Christmas present idea. The store had a big neon bloggers sign on the wall which I thought was pretty cool but unfortunately I forgot to ask why it was there! Maybe they're just keen on us bloggers eh? The pop-up store is there until February so definitely pop in for a browse when you're Christmas shopping.

Then it was time to head back up North and this is the lovely ceiling window in Waverly station. Pretty majestic eh?

Later on in the week we had one of our weekly Her Campus meetings where we brainstorm future article ideas! I always love these meetings because I always feel like I learn something! We also had our Her Campus Christmas Meal on Wednesday which was great company but unfortunately the food wasn't so great. Then came Thursday and after work I headed to a university ball with my friends! It's so great to come together with all your chums and glam up for the night - I'm going to miss these balls when I'm no longer a student! 

Then on Friday night it was my friend Emma's 21st (Hi Emma!). We had a lovely evening of champagne, chat and cake in Emma's lovely home. It's so nice when you're living away from home to go to someone else's family home! You get such a cosy feeling!

So this week was pretty eventful and lots has been going on! Now I'm away back to the library to carry on studying for my exams. I've only got three weeks now, ahhhh! Wish me luck!

How were your weeks? Where's your favourite place to go shopping?

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  1. This post (the pictures, especially!) makes me really want to visit Scotland~ x

    1. Ah you totally should! It's a beautiful place (when it isn't raining!) Where are you from? x

  2. Lovely post and you all look beautiful in your dresses. I haven't been to Scotland in far too long, a visit is without a doubt needed soon. x

    1. Thank you so much! I love getting dressed up fancy every so often. You definitely should visit! x


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