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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This may only be my second month as a blogger but I have been a reader/viewer of this community for years and years now! There are some blogs and vlogs which I have loved from the beginning and some which I only found yesterday which I'm blooming glad I did. So here are my favourite blogs and vlogs, please go give them some love!


  1. Ruby @ The Fashion Antlers (I have just come across this lovely blog but I already love it. Great logo/layout and an interesting mix of style and beauty posts with some lifestyle ones thrown in!)
  2. Luce @ Bonjour Luce (I love the simplicity of Luce's blog, it makes for great easy reading and her photos are en pointe)
  3. Rosie @ Cider with Rosie (Rosie's is one of my favourite blogs as she always has fantastic content!)
  4. Georgina @ Georgina Sparkles (I met Georgina at the Lush Bloggers event and we bonded over our love for Lush and the internet world. She's rather lovely)
  5. Lauren Conrad (I know this isn't really a blog, more a website but I always find so much inspiration for any aspect of life on Lauren's website! And I've been watching her since Laguna Beach so it's nice to see her doing so well)
  6. Rebecca @ Ohkalukalay (This is a relatively new blog I've come across but Rebecca recently spoke about the really important topics of smear tests and I think that was so honest so definitely worth a place in my faves)
  7. Giovanna @ Hello Magazine (I love Giovanna Fletcher's novels so when I found out she had a blog I was right on over there. It's lovely to read about a new mummy and her adventures with Tom and Buzz)

(I have mostly included their vlogging channels rather than main channels as that's what I like more!)
  1. Jess @ extrasunbeamsjess (Jess is probably my top for style on the whole of the internet, her looks are honestly so effortless. She also lives in Edinburgh (my home city) now so it's nice to see wee glimpses of home in her vlogs)
  2. Hannah @ Hannahmaggs (I absolutely adore Hannah Maggs, I have watched her since her pregnancy so its been fantastic to see her wee family flourish on and off the internet. Her husband Stef also has fantastic videography)
  3. Suzie @ Hello October (Suzie has been one of my favourites for a while now as she seems like the type of person I'd be friends with. She has lovely style and such a calm, likeable manner! I also just adore her little puppy)
  4. Jack @ Jacks Gap (Jack (and Finn) make the most beautiful insightful videos/films and I always look forward to one falling into my subscription box)
  5. Lucy and Lydia @ Lucy and Lydia (Lucy and Lydia definitely deserve more subscribers than they have and they are honestly just so likeable! They seem to love what they're doing and each others company which is just infectious and they also talk about affordable brands which is always a bonus for us poor students!)
  6. Zoe @ More Zoella (Of course I had to mention Zoe as she is the vlogger/blogger I have watched for the longest. I absolutely adore her vlogs and how you feel you know the real her which is why I've been watching for so long! Her home decor taste is also just ideal)
  7. Tom @ Tom Fletcher (The other half of Giovanna! I loved Tom's wedding speech and Bump to Buzz video so I can't wait to see what he pulls out the bag next)
What are your favourite blogs and vlogs? Please tell me some new ones to check out!

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