A Little Sunday Catch-up

Sunday, October 26, 2014

This week has been hectic. I am suddenly finding that despite the fact I have less scheduled classes I am 100% more busy and everything comes round so fast! I need to develop a better way to keep on top of things so I think I'm going to revert back to my daily to-do lists. I do love a good list. So grab a culpa and have a wee read about the main things I've been up to this week!
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Saturday was my boyfriend and I's 'totes offish' two year anniversary. We never had an official date when our relationship 'began' so last year we just decided to choose a date for us to celebrate it on! The past few weeks have been hellishly busy however, so he's organised a surprise for us this week coming. Eek I can't wait, I love surprises! I got him the card that I've put above which is just so him so I thought that was pretty hilarious.

That night was also my friend Gareth's 21st. Gareth was one of my first ever friends on my course at university so it was a lovely evening celebrating his birthday with his family and friends. And I saved the day when his lovely mum couldn't light the sparklers on the cake!

I also had a day of catching up on things; work, uni and gym wise. I've really been trying to go to the gym every two days but sometimes life just gets in the way which is pretty irritating as it halts my progress. I really want to up my strength and fitness so this may be inspiration for a future blog post. On Sunday however it was an absolutely beautiful day so my flatmate and I decided to run outside instead. We ran round our local park twice in the glorious sun (which my my was a slight struggle) then we headed back in to do a 7 minute workout (for strength) and a bum yoga workout (for toning). Gotta get that dream booty.

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    Then came the exciting part of my week!! Family ties, which is a social to get the younger students to know the older students! As we are the eldest ones now we are the parents for each family and we get given children. This year we were the cops and robbers family and took our little minions for a tour round Aberdeen's finest drinking establishments! It's such a good night and even the real cops liked our outfits! The next morning was not enjoyable however...
Then Friday meant I was heading back to Edinburgh on the train! I love train journeys and this one was especially beautiful but I have a journey related blog post coming up so I won't say too much about it! That night I got to see my home friends (yey) and we all ate our bodies weight worth in takeaway, had a couple of drinks, watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (stunning cinematography and music) and then played the name game where you have to guess the names of celebrities. Kind of like charades. It was so nice to have a night in with them and catch up. Yesterday also involved some much needed family time.
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There was also lots of boring menial tasks and work filling up the in between time but I definitely imagine you don't want to hear about that! So it's been a really busy week and today is my friend Jenny's birthday! Happy birthday Jcropps!

What have you all been up to this week?

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