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Monday, October 06, 2014

The other day I was shopping for a present for a friend and couldn't help but be drawn into Lush's Aberdeen store by its tempting smells. I was trying to resist purchasing everything but hugely failed and came home with quite a few little treats... oops. When I was there I got chatting to the lovely Lush ladies Georgina and Becca about a recent blogger event that Lush had held in London.This little blog isn't my only online creative outlet, I actually also write for Her Campus Aberdeen which is an online student run magazine aimed at young women. So I mentioned this to the ladies and managed to wangle myself a cheeky invite to their Aberdeen blogger event to cover their winter collection launch! I have to say this was such an exciting prospect after following many popular beauty bloggers and seeing them attend these sort of events. Now I was going to one too!

I was quite nervous when I arrived as I knew that all the other blogger ladies would know each other and I was scared that I'd be the little odd bod in the corner! However, I was proved wrong and instantly got chatting to Lauren and Joelle and everyone else. The evening kicked off with a delicious little Snow Fairy mocktail which in true Lush style was colourful, fragrant and had sparkles and stars. The cosy little shop was closed just for the event and the whole place was decked out with Christmas presents and the brand new Lush Christmas range. It was rather strange to hear Christmas music and eat cute little snowmen cakes (courtesy of ‘Hannah Bakes Cakes’) at the beginning of October but we embraced the Christmas spirit and got stuck in!
It was great to hear from Becca a little bit more about Lush’s ethos and you could really feel her passion for the company and the things that it stands for. I have often shopped at Lush but I do have to admit I had never spent much time researching the brand so this evening was an eye opener for me! The most obvious belief that Lush stands by is their promise to fight animal testing. They are also involved in ethical buying; their products are 100% vegetarian and handmade! We also found out that Lush have also started their ‘Charity Pot’ initiative which means that every pot that is bought, 100% of the proceeds goes to charity. 

After a short chat we got a hands on demonstration of all of Lush’s new Christmas and Halloween bath bombs. Believe me, this was so exciting! All of us bloggers ladies were crowding round the little station, phones and cameras at the ready. I tell you; pretty much everything in the store was Instagram worthy! My favourite bath bombs of the night were definitely ‘Golden Wonder’ which creates beautiful mermaid-like water with turquoise lustre and the ‘Sparkler’ bath bomb. The ‘Sparkler’ literally creates a Catherine wheel in your bath as it spins around leaving a trail of golden glitter. It is also one of Lush’s vegan products and is scented by their popular Rose Jam scent. Heavenly.
We then got to trial their bubble bars and I do have to warn you, be prepared to get glitter EVERYWHERE. The bubble bars are where you will find the cuties of the bunch with ‘The Melting Snowman’ making a reappearance from last year and the ‘Christmas Hedgehog’ and ‘Christmas penguin’ to join your bath menagerie. You just have to close your eyes when you crumble them into the water! They really do have incredible pay off and the smallest piece created such a huge amount of bubbles. One of my favourite Christmas products at this station was the Snowman Kit which prompted many a chorus of ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman’. Ashly even took on the challenge! 
Then we moved on to the beauty and skincare part of our tour. Lush’s lip scrubs are famous among beauty bloggers, so they haven’t missed a trick when they brought out a special Christmas one with a lip tint called Santa Baby to go alongside. Many of the girls trialled this and it looks great on a number of skin tones as it is a lovely blue-toned red. Perfect for wintery bitten lip make up looks.

Finally, came my favourite product from the launch - the ‘Yog Nog’ soap. This soap is to die for! It is luscious and softening with the most heavenly smell of butterscotch. You may think I am exaggerating but it genuinely smells like you could eat it, I was almost tempted. This is a highly moisturising hand and body soap which is perfect for your skin when it gets dry and weather beaten in the winter. Lush have also come  up with such a cute soap called 'Fairy Ring'. It is in the shape of a mushroom with little doors and windows on the stalk to make a little fairy house. I was one of these kids who was obsessed with the 'A Fairy Tale' film and constantly built fairy houses and left letters for the fairies in my garden so this really spoke to the child in me! I know I know, I was pretty lame!

One of the things that stood out to me most about the evening was how there was clearly so much thought behind each product. Every product had its own little story and inspiration behind it and this really made me relate to the brand. I didn't leave the store empty handed and can't wait to try my 'So White' showergel which has the most lovely fresh apple fragrance and my 'Holly Go Lightly' bath bomb. Ooooh the excitement.

The winter collection is now online and in store (81 Union Street, Aberdeen) from the 4th October 2014 and the lovely ladies will be there to answer any of your questions. Thank you so much for having me Lush and it'd be lovely to head along to another North East Bloggers Event soon and see all the lovely ladies again.

What is your favourite product in the Lush winter collection? An old favourite or one of the new ones?

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