I Went A'Haulin!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dammit, I went and spent money again didn't I. I'm a sucker for new things and I literally couldn't resist Lush when I walked past it the other day. The yummy smells always draw me in! Clothes wise I felt I needed more Autumn/Winter clothes in my wardrobe as I knew I had plenty summer stuff but nothing that was particularly transitional so I picked up a few basics from Primark and ASOS to mix and match over the coming months. By the way, I'm a serious bargain hunter so everything here was for a good price or on sale!

Beauty stuff first! I've been intrigued about Zoella Beauty ever since I saw the first sneak peaks of her range on Zoe's blog and vlogs. So naturally I felt I had to buy them to find out what they smelt like! I went for the candle (my room is full of them, I probably didn't need anymore) and the Fizz Bar. I like the fact that you can use the Fizz Bar many times so that sold it for me! The smell of the products is honestly so nice. It is really fresh and zesty (perhaps more springlike) and exactly the kind of scent that I enjoy. Can you tell I'm terrible at describing scents? I am yet to use the Fizz Bar in the bath but that's tonight's treat and I will report back!

I also guiltily wandered back into Lush despite the fact its only been a couple of weeks since the blogger event... oops. I purchased the Butterbear bath bomb as its basically the festive version of the Butterball. Honestly, my skin has never felt so soft as after I used it last time. It is like bathing in cocoa butter, and smells like that too! It is also one of the best value products with the Butterbear currently at under £2! I also bought the Yog Nog soap which you heard me raving about in my Lush Event post. The fudgey smell is just as delicious as I remember it. I then picked up the Lush Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash as an experiment for my boyfriend as I hadn't heard much about their male products (although they can be used as a general facial wash for women too). As I was paying, the lovely Georgina who I met just before the blogger's event slipped in a cheeky wee Dashing Santa bath bomb/fizzer for me to try too as she thought I'd like the smell. The girls in there are literally so lovely!

The result of these buys is that my bedroom now smells like a Lush shop, but hey who can complain about that?

Clothes wise, I couldn't help but be tempted by the ASOS 50% off sale! There seems to be a theme of little will power running through this post... I picked up this lovely white Vera Moda cropped jumper for £10 as well as some basic T-Bar tops. Then I wandered in to Primark and H&M to buy some seasonal basics, clearly I'm attracted to stripes this month! This lovely stripey black and white shirt was only £5 in the sale which is a total bargain. I'm looking forward to wearing this under cosy cardigans and jumpers with the collar poking out over the top. I then grabbed this burgundy and black stripey 3/4 sleeved top for only £3.50! It has a slash neck rather than a v neck or scoop so I find it is a really flattering cut and you can wear it with anything. I also bought this simple black knit smock dress for £10 as I felt it would be really easy to throw on with boots in the winter and this really flattering grey wool A-line skirt (£8) which I have already worn with long sleeved tops and cosy tights. Finally, I popped into H&M and bought this really comfy oversized black and white stripey top. This looks great with leggings and is a really easy go to outfit. Can you tell I just bought things with warmth and comfort in mind?

What clothes are your staples in Autumn/Winter? Have you picked up any bargains?

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  1. everything looks lovely, i really need to do some winter shopping!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

    1. Thank you! Ah don't tempt me! As soon as I start Christmas shopping more things may fall into my basket! xx

  2. I love so much LUSH!!!!
    are the Zoella stuff any good?




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