Friends, Food and Feeling Autumnal

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Thursday was my friend Holly's 21st birthday so we all ventured into Aberdeen to go for lunch at Cafe 52. We had a long table, pretty much down the length of this cosy little restaurant and it was so nice to catch up on the goings on of all the girls. Since we've started fourth year and no longer have classes together we hardly ever get together so it was a really nice meal and Holly got some beautiful presents. I had a Cafe 52 burger (oops cheat day) with homemade skin on fries. Hands down, one of the best burgers I have ever had. It was so tasty! Then I was to tempted by the tiramisu but managed to keep my hands off it as we headed off our separate ways.

Rhona and I toddled off for a little catch up in Vodka Revolution as I haven't seen her one on one for so long. I'm sure you all know how good the cocktails in Revs are and how good a bargain you get with the student discount card! I chose a 'Hoochy Mama' cocktail which was basically gin, elderflower cordial and Hooch which was so refreshing. I am such a gin gal. Rhona had her standard favourite of 'Cranberry Fizz'. 

Even though it has just turned October I was already feeling quite autumnal. It is already turning that little bit colder here in Aberdeen and the leaves are starting to coat the ground. So I made sure we were sitting in our own cosy little area in Vodka Rev beside the fire. Fires just make me feel so warm and happy. Then we got lost in conversation for a good while which is always the best type of afternoon.

Finally I headed off home for a quick turnaround before I went out to meet my future colleagues Emma and Lindsay at Emma's house. I worked with Emma and Lindsay in the summer and we've been lucky enough to secure a legal traineeship together in 2016 in Edinburgh so it was good to catch up and get the firm gossip all over a couple of glasses of prosecco and some icecream.

It's so nice to have some time out with friends when everything starts to get on top of you. I'm hoping to keep this up as my friends know I am so awful at keeping in touch! 

How do you spend your days off with friends? Any recommendations for things to do in Autumn?

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